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Laser Hair Removal Mexico

The body is covered with hair, darker hair in areas like legs, chest, face, neck, armpits, mustache, abdomen, places we would rather not have hair at all. Laser hair removal is a gradual, painless and effective method for any hair type, skin and phototype. Benefits go from a permanent reduction of hair amount to a considerable slowdown in hair reappearance.

Laser technologies effectiveness and the hand piece’s speed, allows for longer treatments, making it an excellent option for larger body areas. High performance, reliable technology, makes laser the ideal instrument to satisfy most every patient’s hair removal needs.

Each session lasts from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the area to be treated. We have to inform patients that the need for more than one session comes from the fact that the laser will target hair in its active phase.

Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos

Visit our before and after picture gallery to see results of our patients.

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Before and After Photos

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