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Mastopexy Mexico

Mastopexy or breast lifting can be extremely satisfying for patients. Women with large and saggy breasts can relief problems such as back pain and deformities, neck pain, skin irritation amongst other conditions. The chosen procedure for these cases is a reduction mammoplasty, in which the surgeon will reducing the breast’s size will also sculpture it into the ideal shape.

Many patients situation is flabby skin and sagging, which affect the breast’s shape. The recommended procedure for such cases is a Mastopexy. The surgeon will work on lifting, toning and shaping the breast without drying out breast tissue. Considering the breasts’ size, patients can even get breast implants during this procedure.

Procedure’s description:

The technique used, will be determined on the breasts’ size.

A frequently used technique for large and saggy breasts is the inferior pedicle. The incision surrounds the areola going down to the inframammary furrow going underneath the breast following the furrow’s outline. If needed, the areola’s size can be reduced as well, drying the surplus glandular tissue, fat and skin. The areola is place higher in order to fit the new breast better.

In breast lifting cases or when there the amount of remaining tissue is not too much, the procedure is modified. If this would be the case, the incision would also surround the areola, go down the inframammary furrow but we would avoid leaving horizontal scarring. Breast tissue is lifted to enhance the upper area giving it a nice conical form. Each case will determine which procedure is the best for each patient.

Surgery after-care:

Breast reduction and lifting surgeries may be outpatient procedures; however, each case is different and staying overnight at our facility might be suggested. The procedure is usually done with general anesthesia, especially if other procedures will be done at the same time. In some breast lifting cases, though local anesthesia and sedation could be used.

Surgery is an average of two to three hours. A special brassiere will be placed and must be worn for the first few weeks. Some pain and swelling is to be expected for the first few days. These symptoms are easily taken care of with painkillers.

We strongly recommend avoiding straining efforts for the first week. The patient is advised to return to her regular routine gradually.

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Before and After Photos

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