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Cavitation and Radio Frequency Mexico

Cavitation and Radio Frequency are cutting-age technology, designed to get rid of cellulite, flabbiness and body sculpturing in a safety and non-invasive way.

Cavitation’s main benefit is to get rid of those extra body inches we are unhappy with.

What is Radio Frequency?

An innovative therapeutic option to take care of cellulite and flabbiness in which controlled deep heating targets skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue that will cause a chain reaction, including collagenases (skin tensing), fat drainage through the lymphatic system, improves blood flow in the skin and subcutaneous tissue though reducing orange peel skin look, reduces flabbiness, while causing a volume reduction in the treated area.

What is Cavitation?

Our machine will produce ultrasound high-speed vibrations, that when applied to the skin will produce microscopic air bubbles in the subcutaneous tissue around fat tissue cells. What this unique technique does is to break down the molecular structure of adiposities (areas where fat is stored). The body will stop recognizing them as fat but as waste and as such, will be eliminated through the lymphatic or circulatory system.

Advantages in Plastic Surgery

One of its benefits is the capacity to break the previously located fat tissue storing structures; which dieting has not been able to do anything about. Also, neither exercising nor massages can entirely eliminate them.

Cavitation is capable of eliminating fat tissue from these troublesome areas; it is the ideal non-surgical procedure for body sculpting.

Who does it work for?

  • People who are little bit above their ideal weight (slightly over weighted) or those on their ideal weight but still have troubled areas.
  • Reduces cellulitis
  • Aesthetic post-operatory procedures
Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos

Visit our before and after picture gallery to see results of our patients.

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Before and After Photos

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